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Our Story.

The story of Maxigrau is built on the long-standing Portuguese textile tradition. We believe excellence can only be achieved through a long and deep knowledge of the industry, thus knowing what to look for and always deliver to our clients. The growing consciousness of our role in the industry led to our focus on sustainability and innovation, allowing us to manufacture a wide range of products– from sleep to streetwear. Inspiring excellence is our slogan and to accomplish that we rely on a multidisciplinary team who is committed to the utmost standards of quality and efficiency.


About Us

Who are we?  What is our purpose?  What are our values?


"Inspiring Excellence"

To develop and create whatever the client has in mind while at the same time exceeding their expectations. To do exactly that, we choose reliable partners, who can keep to our common goals: knowledge, rigor, and transparency.



To go beyond our best, achieving excellence with simplicity and humility.

To grow by achieving recognition through our competence and abilities. To be a benchmark in the sustainability and ethics fields.

To be recognized as reliable partners by respecting commitments as well as ethical, social, and environmental values.


Client satisfaction is the reason Maxigrau exists.

  • Meeting delivery times;

  • Respecting the specifications;

  • Fulfilling the client’s requests, regardless of scale or market value;

  • Respecting our suppliers. They are indispensable partners, without whom we cannot fulfil the objectives we aim towards;

  • Respecting and valuing our own workers. We believe people who are respected and committed are fulfilled people;

  • Paying attention to the world around us and having social responsibility, in order to grow in a society we want to be fairer and more equalitarian.

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