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At Maxigrau we are constantly trying to outpace ourselves. Therefore, we have a vast network of partners with whom we develop, test or implement innovative solutions in various fields. From material innovation, to functional finishings or disruptive design-centred approaches - we got it all covered.

INSURE.hub - Innovation in Sustainability and Regeneration

INSURE.hub aims to promote circular, sustainable and regenerative business solutions, powered by disruptive innovation & technologies. Maxigrau is a founding partner of this technological Hub


Next-Gen Materials

From Invinotex® to Celium®, we are keeping a close eye to what is being developed in this field and are capable of providing you with different solutions


Functional Finishings

Be it an Antibacterial, Odor Neutralization, Hidrophobic or anti-UV finishing, we have a network of certified partners which can fulfil these needs


Natural Dyeing

We offer a considerable colour palette in natural dyes, both in garment and linear dyeing.


Regenerative, Recycled and Bio-Based Materials

We are capable of sourcing numerous innovative materials, either for technical applications such as Coolmax or with a more eco-firendly approach, such as recycled, regenerative or organic fibers (Roica V550; Evo® Polyamide; CleanBamboo® and many more)

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