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Sometimes everything starts from a small sketch, other times with a physical sample, or maybe you just have a general idea of what you are looking for and would like for our design department to assist you in the development of your models! Whatever it is, the final drawings will then proceed to modeling.  We make the first sample and wait for comments concerning changes, corrections, or improvements, followed by the choice of materials. Next come the orders. We source the fabric and other accessories and have it finished to your specifications , such as color and texture. We then go on make pre-production samples (PPS) and wait for your approval. Finally we get on with bulk production, and we start of with the the cutting section where automatic cutting machines and CAD software is available to make the best use of materials. Depending on the model, the garment can then be sent of to be printed or embroidered. Afterwards it goes to the very experienced manufacturing department, equipped with suitable and high-quality sewing machines.  Having the models been produced, washing may be needed or advised by our commercial department before moving on to packing

With the models packed and ready to go, the ball is on your court to decide whether if you want it to be shipped to you or if you would rather have it stored at our warehouse and shipped to your online final clients for you. That is our fulfillment solution - get in touch to find out more!

The Process

The entire process of making an order with our company, from the presentation of the project to the shipping or storage of the final product.

1. Project

5. Sampling

2. Development / Design

6. Cutting / Manufacturing

3. Sourcing

4. Modelling / Patterns

7. Packing

8. Shipping / Storing

Around the World

The countries we work for, from France to North America.


Core Business

These are the styles that we produce the most for our clients. 
Homewear and Streetwear are definitively our strong points,  but we are always open to new challenges.

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