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Maxigrau, the epitome of Portuguese textile mastery and your leading manufacturing partner. We redefine excellence with innovative designs and uncompromising quality, seamlessly sewing sustainability into every garment. Elevate your brand with our elevated style, where inspiration meets the art of textile craftsmanship. With Maxigrau you will find your preferred partner to scale up your brand and experience sustainable luxury.

The Process

The entire process of making an order with our company, from the presentation of the project to the shipping or storage of the final product.

1. Project

5. Sampling

2. Development / Design

6. Cutting / Manufacturing

3. Sourcing

4. Modelling / Patterns

7. Packing

8. Shipping / Storing

Around the World

The countries we work for, from France to North America.


Core Business

These are the styles that we produce the most for our clients. 
Homewear and Streetwear are definitively our strong points,  but we are always open to new challenges.

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