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Sustainable Textiles: Future-Proofing with Maxigrau

At Maxigrau we are trying to get ahead of the curve in sustainable production! We are already supplied with 100% renewable energy and produce 35% of our energy through our solar panels. That amounts to avoiding the emission of 6 tonnes of CO2 over the last twelve months - the equivalent to the CO2 absorption of 290 trees. On top of all that, the GOTS certificate is another indicator of ourcommitment to sustainability at its core - valuing as much environmentally friendly practices as well as the social fairness of our activity.

At Maxigrau we have four basic principles by which we goven our activity:

Sustainable Development Principles
Sustainable Development Principles

Despite of that, the future demands more from manufacturers and brands and we want to make sure we are a future-proof partner for your brand! Soon every product will have to be accompanied by its Digital Product Passport (DPP), accordingto EU's regulations. At Maxigrau we have started that journey and from mid 2024 we want to be able to conduct Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) and create Digital Product Passports for your brand. Sustainability is no longer a USP, but a simple requirement. And clients nowadays require to know the environmental impact of the clothes they buy as well as the turns they take in the whole supply chain. With Maxigrau, that does not have to be a burden for you!

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